At First Sight Nicholas Sparks This novel is dedicated to Miles, Ryan, Landon, Lexie, and Best Practice Book for IELTS Writing IELTS Writing Samples. I states truthfully that this project is compiled by me without taking the results from other research in any university, in S-1, S-2, and S-3 degree and in diploma. Heaven Has No Favorites by Erich Maria Remarque An incredibly powerful novel by the great writer, whose prose is never out of date. It's a beautiful and.

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The Best of Me PDF Summary by Nicholas Sparks is an exciting novel that romantic novel written by the prominent author Nicholas Sparks. . We warmly recommended this book, and vouch for the uniqueness of this novel. Download this great creation by Nicholas Sparks, The Best Of Me is available here in PDF form. Get swept up in a timeless story of lost dreams and redemption, in which former high school sweethearts get a second chance at first loveā€”from the #1 New.

Can love truly rewrite the past? Fiction Romance Publication Details Publisher: Grand Central Publishing Publication Date: We want your feedback!

Click here. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks ebook. Subjects Fiction Romance. Fiction Romance.

Publication Details Publisher: Nicholas Sparks Author With over million copies of his books sold, Nicholas Sparks is one of the world's most beloved storytellers. More about Nicholas Sparks.

The Best of Me Embed. You definitely provided me with the tools that I needed to choose the right direction and successfully complete my thesis. Also I would like to thank the committee, Prof.

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Venera Llunji and Prof. Hysen Kasumi for your support and advice. I would like to thank my family, particularly my parents, my sister and my brother, thank you for loving me, supporting me, and believing in me.

Without you, I would not be here today. This would not have been possible without his support.

I am very proud of him for his encouraging and helpful virtues. Thank you for being here every time I needed you. Thus in principle, one should be able to determine the authorship of unsigned manuscripts by carefully analyzing the style of the text.

The difficulty lies in characterizing the style of each author, i. While reading a novel or a book, we must connect ourselves to the story or character or maybe to emotions in order to have that feeling. During his childhood he moved around a lot with his family and lived in multiple locations like, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Grand Island, Nebraska, finally settling in Fair Oaks, California at the age of eight.

He lived in Fair Oaks until he finished high school, he graduated valedictorian in , and received a full scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

Nicholas Sparks as a freshman was part of a relay team and broke the Notre Dame school record in , a record which still stands, but he was injured and spent the summer recovering. During that summer, he wrote his first novel, but it was never published. He also writes about small towns in many of his novels since he grew up in a small town. Overall Nicholas writes tragic love stories because most people remember them the best.

Table of Content

Nicholas Sparks is currently 52 years old and has a wife named Cathy who is 51 years old. He met Cathy one year on spring break and ever since then they have been together and the following year they got married on July 22, They all currently live in North Carolina where Nicholas grew. Since the start of his profession his books have been New York Times bestsellers and turned into an remarkable success, they have been translated in more than 50 languages with over million copies sold worldwide.

Nearly He plans to continue writing more books in the future with the goal so that he can keep on inspiring his readers. Sparks wrote one of his best-known story, The Notebook, in a period over six months at age His eighteenth novel See Me, published on October 12, His newest book, Two by Two, was published on October 4, The major objective of this study will concentrate on the two novels mentioned above, and the main objectives are to analyze his narrative style that is used in the novels and to study its evolution over fifteen years by comparing his two master pieces and to describe how his figurative speech appear in literature because his works are characterized by a uniform style throughout his career.

The reason I chose these two novels is that almost everyone had seen the movies but they still do not know who Nicholas Sparks is since he writes in such a way by using figurative speech elements to catch the attention of the reader. The author in the novels that he chose will tell what technique used Nicholas Sparks, was it used in both novels, or did it change through fifteen years, and why did he used that technique.

The author will lay out a set of elements that intends to observe are: Is the focus on character as it develops or stays the same?

In other words, which elements of his novels are central to their plot development and do these change or develop over the fifteen years. How is Nicholas Sparks narrative style in both novels, and did it evolve in time. The author will also describe the similarities and differences between the two novels.

How does Nicholas Sparks portrays the characters in both novels. What other literary devices Nicholas used in his novels, where those used in both novels or did he gained that skill through time. The author will describe what literary devices did Nicholas used in both novels, and how these evolved through time. There are some educational implications that can be taken from this research: 1 the novels contain information about the culture in America, 2 this research can improve English skills and vocabulary in order to understand the terminologies used in both novels, 3 both novels contain moral values and to teach them to the students.

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How does he portray his main characters? How does he apply literary figures in his novels? Introduction: A. The outline of this research paper will include the Introduction where the author will write the biography of Nicholas Sparks and the success he gained throughout his career as a young writer. The writer also describes the goal of this study, the questions and the hypothesis. II: Theory Section: A.


In the Theory Section the author will write about theory of style which will be based on three to four books and articles, it is described what style is, what other authors say about style, why style is important in literature. The author in this research paper, in the analysis of literary figures is based only in the two main figures that are mostly appeared in his novels, those two figures are irony and metaphor. It is also outlined in chapter description of one critique chosen by the author.

III: Methodology: A. The writer describes the technique that was used to gather data.

The Best Of Me

IV: Discussion and Analysis: A. Conclusion: A.

The Conclusion covers the results of all chapters. The definition of stylistics means that style is formed by the utilization of the languages in literature, and this utilization can be creative, expressional or situational.

An author uses dialect as indicated by his own particular inventive and open needs. He frequently forms and alters the assets of dialect accessible to him and rolls out specific improvements and adjustments in the current structures and examples of language. He additionally once in a while goes astray from the ordinary use and abuses semantic standards.

Along these lines, he makes expressions and novel etymological structures and examples. He likewise delivers fore-grounded components in language. David crystal, The creator will do a segregating choice from the sounds, words, sentence structures, sense structures offered by conventional dialect; once in a while the creator will impact an expansion, a specific extending past accessible dialect material; every so often the creator will enjoy a deviation from or a changes of dialect standards; lastly there will be events when the creator will even face a mutilation of dialect material.

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All these inventive endeavors to his imaginative, tasteful and expressive utilization of dialect and subsequently to his individual style. The premise of style, in this manner, is the utilization of dialect as a medium of writing, in whatever way writer utilizes this medium.

All authors, by the way they utilize the dialect, uncover something of their spirits, their propensities, their abilities, and their predispositions.But heck, Nicholas Sparks did it again! Ne znam u biti sto reci.. After surviving a car crash, Ira is visited by a vision of his dead wife Ruth. He contributes to a variety of local and national charities, and is a major contributor to the Creative Writing Program MFA at the University of Notre Dame, where he provides scholarships, internships, and a fellowship annually.

I really enjoyed their teenage romance which is told here through flashbacks from both sides of the pair who are now in their forties. View all 8 comments. This is unavoidable and in addition agreeable.