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If you have a large collection of ebooks and want to keep them in order, or if you just want to read comfortably from your PC, IceCream Ebook Reader is one of. Hello Calibre, I've noticed that the book viewer in Calibre sometimes shows incorrect font characters. I've seen this on some Epub format books. On my android devices I have available excellent ebook readers with . There is also icecream which doesn't have TTS in the free version.

I think. And I refuse to leave until I snog someone. That was the whole point, yeah? Go drink some water, you should go to bed. The next morning, harsh sunlight woke Albus up, forcing him to shield his eyes as he made his way to the bathroom.

In the kitchen, Scorpius was standing in front of the stove, wand aloft.

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I really lost control, I think I was working through everything from before. Oh, and because your skin is darker, your green eyes stand out. You hardly need me to compliment you when you could get whatever guy you wanted.

Younger than our fathers, please. Whatever guy I wanted? I was too busy warding off sleazy men to notice. You know, despite everything, I still sort of wish I had kissed someone—sober, or less drunk, at least. To get it over with. What would our dads say about that, if they knew?

Before we left. So what do you think about it now? Then there were days when Albus wished Scorpius could figure it out to put him out of his misery as he agonized over what would happen once it was finally out in the open. I still think we should go, I just need time to slow down first.

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Their days were spent in part at the beach, then in the tent so they could cool down, and in the evenings they went downtown to eat and sightsee. One day was terribly hot, about 35 Celsius, making it uncomfortable at night for the pair as they tried to fall asleep without sheets pulled over them.

Albus was naked save his pants, yet still felt sweat bead on his back. Finally, he began to lose himself in half-formed dreams, but right before he fell asleep, he felt a light touch on the nape of his neck. Scorpius traced his skin from the top of his shoulder, across his back, and down his spine, and up. It took everything in his power not to shiver or change his breathing, remaining absolutely still until the hand retreated.

There was a faint tap of wand against wood as Scorpius apparently prepared to cast a spell, followed by a rushing sound and a chill that lowered the temperature in the room. Why had Scorpius touched him like that? The spell did help tremendously with his discomfort, but not with his wakefulness. Heart racing, he rolled closer to Scorpius, who he hoped would cross the rest of the distance.

Knowing nothing would happen both disappointed and relaxed Albus, so he let dreams take over. Had something happened last night? Maybe Scorpius had been cold, so the body heat drew them together. That makes the most sense. When he got out of the bathroom, Scorpius was awake, tidying the living room. The complete opposite of mine. The streets were packed with tourists. Scorpius kept veering one way and Albus another to push through the throngs of people, slowing their pace as they periodically had to find each other.

Scorpius let go of Albus and wiped his hand on his shorts, offering it again, to which Albus raised an eyebrow.

He took it anyway. This is new. They nabbed a table by the window as soon as one freed up, grateful for the break from standing. Over his cup of vanilla ice cream, Albus watched Scorpius, thinking it terribly unfair that he was allowed to use his mouth in such a way in a public place.

As payment.

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Before either of them had a chance to say anything about the taste, they noticed an elderly woman approaching their table.

Due to her heavy accent, Albus thanked her before he registered what she had said. There was no point in clarifying, as she had already shuffled to the door and rejoined the mass of people outside. So from now on you ought to assume everyone is straight. You know, people mistaking your friendship for something more. Is it that much of a mental leap to imagine we could be a couple? Which spiraled into, Scorpius is an insensitive straight person who is willfully oblivious to my feelings.

More helpfully was his stomach, which alerted him that it was nearly dinnertime. They went out to eat before the lights show, then spent the next half hour searching for a place to sit. Their spot was too remote from the festival and food by the water for anyone to join them.

And it will never happen. Cheers rose up around the bay in anticipation of what would happen next.

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Then, in the distance, a thread of blue light appeared above the water, branching out and growing until it was a complex network of scribbles. Piece by piece, the tangles of light shifted, revealing the skyline of Valletta. With a cascade of crackling sound, the picture dissolved into colorful streams of light, abstract and then concrete, imitating the hues of the sunset, then fire, then the ocean. Turning his head slightly, Albus regarded Scorpius, breath catching at how the colors played on his face.

He felt completely timeless, as though they had sat like this for years and would remain for as long, his consciousness equal parts at the center of the swirling streaks of light and in his body. Albus wanted to tell him to stop, he was only making things more difficult, but he was transfixed by the beautiful light in the harsh void of the sky, which made his entire body ache, desperate to feel alive.

His right arm was squished between them, so he pulled it free and placed his hand in his lap. A man, all smooth purple lines of light, formed at one end of the bay, and at the opposite end formed a woman made entirely of red crackling sparks.

Entranced by the woman, the man conjured a bouquet of flowers, then rushed to offer them to her. She seemed hesitant before she accepted the bouquet, and no sooner had she leaned in to smell it than it burned up in her fiery hands.

Dejected, the man presented her with more and more gifts, all of which burned up as soon as she touched them.

Furious, the man sent a tidal wave toward the woman while her back was turned, extinguishing her sparks so that she became a purple-lined being like him. The woman stunned the man, then fled, her journey expressed by the glowing landscapes that whizzed by her as she ran. Finally, she reached a city much like Valletta, where there were spark-people and fire-people and people of many expressive forms of light.

At a party in the streets, she noticed a blue-sparks man. After approaching him and introducing herself, he backed away and indicated that touching him would burn her. She held out her hand and conjured a weak red spark, then brought their hands together.

This can work, she seemed to say. They danced, surrounded by some pairs of indeterminate genders, pairs that appeared to be different, and still others that were the same.

At the end of the dance, the man and woman kissed, sending red and blue sparks along the lines of their bodies. Albus held his breath. That is what it had felt like to kiss Scorpius, what it felt like to imagine kissing Scorpius. After the story fizzled out, the lights had a vibrant finale, then the sky went dark.

When the display ended, so did the distraction between them. Scorpius leaned in and kissed him, briefly enough that Albus had little chance to register what was happening. As soon as they parted, Albus pulled his hand away, heart pounding. That it has no ads at all!

It can read the book to you, and allows you to set bookmarks and annotations. Existing book collection can be imported by using OneDrive, DropBox or Calibre the above mentioned app.

It lets you manage your local library of ebooks as well as download ebooks from various online repositories like Project Gutenberg. You can also fully customize everything in the reader itself from font size to the font itself and if you own a Windows tablet — this app also has full touch screen support. Cover Cover is mostly dedicated to reading comic books do check out the best dedicated comic book readers for your Windows PC , however it still does a fine job of reading EPUB files.

It is also one of the most beautiful eBook readers on this list in terms of its design. The user interface is simple to use and it supports all the important features such as highlighting text, and bookmarks. The best thing about it is that is also available as a portable app — so you can have it on your USB stick and use it on any PC you like, without installing it. Technically it reads all ePub formats but also ePub 3 formats, which is a great feature, especially if you find books you want to read in this format.

You will be able to browse through millions of books, comics, and magazines.The best thing about it is that is also available as a portable app — so you can have it on your USB stick and use it on any PC you like, without installing it.

Joa had told Hazel who told Scorpius that Rose had a crush on him, neither mustering up the courage to do anything about it. Jul Device: They leaned in gradually, and finally kissed again, heart-achingly soft, like they were back in their fifth year. In the kitchen, Scorpius was standing in front of the stove, wand aloft.

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