Here the Free Book for UGC NET Paper 1 MCQs. This Book Prepared By Mr. Narayan Changder. Content of the Book: Teaching Aptitude. INCLUDED ALL TOPIC OF TEACHING APTITUDE BY PDF, WRITTEN NOTES UGC NET/JRF TEACHING AND RESEARCH APTITUDE Book: UGC NET/JRF. This paper deals with the comparative study of Teaching Aptitude (TA) of post graduate Teacher Trainees (TT) of B. Ed. and Higher Secondary Schools' Teachers (HSST). Cluster sample was taken initially by selecting two Education colleges and ten higher secondary schools randomly.

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Answers to questions on Teaching Aptitude: 1. (a) dividing . (e) The quality of a student's notes book should be a factor in formulating the student's mark. General Knowledge & Teaching Aptitude. 1. Which Constitutional .. Authors. Books. 1. P. H. Newby. P. Something to Answer For. 2. V. S. Naipaul. Q. The Blind . Get teaching aptitude MCQ answers. Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi conducts Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) online test.

Each question will consist two marks. Please go below and note down all the UGC NET preparation strategies that you need to follow to grab the good score in the exam. Start by taking the Important General Aptitude Topics one by one. You can start with the teaching aptitude section.

After analyzing the huge syllabus and your studying capabilities, assign deadlines to each topic and try to meet them on time. Focus more on Teaching and Research Aptitude as these two topics are tougher than the remaining others.

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Prepare quick notes containing formulas or short tricks at the time of preparation. This is the smartest method to perform quick revision during rush hours and it will also help you in polishing up your brain memory.

Take at least minutes of break after 1 and a half hour of doing studies. This is an example of a reference drawn from —. Ques 2: A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should -.

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To excel with good scores in the exam, aspirants must know the basics of research that is , meaning, characteristics and types of research. They should be aware of the facts like research is always systematic, logical and objective, directed towards the solution of the problem, based on empirical or observable evidence, gives emphasis to theories or principles etc.

There are various types of research which need the detailed study by the candidates. Some of them include exploratory, fundamental, historical and experimental. Identification of research.

Proposal of action. Construction of hypothesis. Collection of data. Presentation of data. Data analysis and. Declaration of result.

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Aspirants should have an adequate understanding of the various methods of research or how to conduct research and tools used in conducting research. Below we are sharing some sample questions to make the UGC NET aspirants aware of the difficulty level of the exam paper. Please check them out. He is not versatile in his interest and even in his native abilities. Collective psychology of the whole period is a theory which -.

Ques 4: The probability of a head and a tail of tossing four coins simultaneously is -. The Shannon and Weaver Model of Communication is? Hypodermic Needle Model. Reasoning Questions: Ques 5: Q is shorter than P but taller than R. R is shorter than P but taller than A. If they stand in the ascending order of their heights, the sequence will be —.

Ques 6: What is the lady to the man? Information and Communication Technology Questions: Ques The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the -.

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Share Note Down all the Important Topics and take them one by one as per the priority. Set your Targeted Score! There should be an aim before kick-starting any preparation.

As per the exam pattern, the General Aptitude paper consists of total marks but it is quite difficult to score the complete marks, so, for a wise approach you can set 75 as your targeted score. To score more in the exam, you can take help of various online learning packages and study material for UGC NET available at best deals at Eduncle! Also, start taking online test series before 1 month of the exam.

Solving question papers will surely upskill you with the enhanced speed and accuracy.

This is an example of a reference drawn from — A. Vertical Study B. Cross-Sectional Study C. Time Series Study D.

A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should - A. Resign from the Post C.

Teaching Aptitude Notes

Find Fault in his Pupils D. Training and research can make a good teacher better and a better teacher best. Teacher should follow various methods of teaching devised from time to time.

A teacher motivates the practice of thinking among students. Teacher should give to the students the freedom and opportunity to express their ideas. Teaching is very crucial in nourishing education to the students.

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Education may be defined as the process of drawing out least in an individual. Subject matter.

Context setting. The process of developing skills and abilities in an individual is known as education. Though abilities are in born quality, it is also a fact that these can be nurtured and developed in an educand through various means by a n educator. Education must also be desirable and useful to the society in which educand has to live.

Since every individual is unique in their own way, the educator has to adopt strategies and methods suitable to individual needs.Give a miscall on our toll-free number and get all your queries resolved.

If they stand in the ascending order of their heights, the sequence will be —. Teaching is one of the main parts of the teaching-learning system. Collective psychology of the whole period is a theory which -. Candidates who wish to be a lecturer must be aware of the facts like the nature of teaching, aim, characteristics and teaching aids and needs.

Teaching is very crucial in nourishing education to the students. Best D.