The internet is full of rumors about the Neet and Hikikomori genius gamer siblings Sora and Shiro. The two go as far as to refer to the world as a "shit game," but then one day a young man calling himself "God" summons them to a parallel universe. Can Sora and Shiro, these related. I'll start by putting down some masking tape along the sides of the page. This will help me know where to draw the everything and later on I'll be. 1: All posts must be related to No Game No Life. 2: Each fanart post must be sourced. 3: NSFW links must be marked as such. 4: Posts.

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6 No Game No Life - Volume 02 - The Gamer Siblings Seem to Have Their Sights on the Land of Kemonomimi [Baka-Tsuki][Alternative Layout. No Game No Life Light Novel Volume 4 uploads. No Game No Life - Volume 1 - It Seems Gamer Siblings Will Conquer a Fantasy World - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book topic, No Game, No Lifeis my debut novel. It was originally an idea for a manga.

Huge props to her voice actress I also have to add, she really did an awesome job expressing Stephanie's impulsive behaviour. There is also the ever so popular Jibril who is just all around awesome in every way, but I'll avoid talking about her as she is introduced later on in the story. Animated by Madhouse, NGNL probably has the most vivid color scheme I've yet to come across in an anime and it is hard to put into words just what exactly it looks like. It has tons of purple and red everywhere and tends to use colors even for distinguishing details like shadows, outlines and similar.

It's really the kind of thing you need to see for yourself to understand but it sure as hell stands out from the crowd. As always when it comes to artwork, it is entirely a subjective matter and whether you like it or not is up to every viewer individually. Personally I really liked it though, it somehow fit the over-the-top environments and atmosphere of the series very well, but I would still have to say that had it been for any other anime it would probably just have come off as being really weird.

Beating everyone at everything that is On its own this was definitely the part which I thought about the least while I was actually watching the series, but when looking at it in retroperspective it's actually really solid. Here's the thing, the OP of NGNL never particularly blew me away but to be fair I mostly ended up skipping it all the time because I was so eager to get into the new episode every week so I could never really pay too much attention to it.

The ED is better albeit still not amazing, although when the full version came out I found it a lot more enjoyable than I did during the anime itself. That part asides though, the OST for the anime itself is one or two levels above that. Especially the music playing during some of the games themselves as well as the occasional epic speeches that occurs every once in a while during this anime have some very epic background tracks along with them.

As far as voice acting goes, many people will recognize the main seiyuu combi of Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Kayano Ai making up Sora's and Shiro's respective roles. The first thing I noticed with this was that this is the exact same MC seiyuu coupling as that one of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, and just like Shiina in said anime, Shiro's voice is insanely husky and is almost like a whisper most of the time As far as Sora goes, more people will probably familiarize him with the fact that he has the same voice actor as Kirito from Sword Art Online, which might give some people the impression that NGNL is yet another anime which goes down the same route SAO did They both make an absolutely solid performance in this case anyway, however to me the best voice acting in No Game No Life is the one done by Hikasa Yoko in her role as Stephanie.

The role she has as the character constantly getting abused by the two siblings simply for their enjoyment combined with the tsukkomi character she has to play for whenever their inner NEETs surface results in her having numerous different comedy roles at the same time, yet Yoko absolutely nails them all every single time in an absolutely hilarious fashion.

Normally I don't like to watch series while they're currently airing very much, however I did it with this one and let me tell you waiting a full week for every new episode of this anime was painful. Excruciatingly so. This is not due to aspects such as constant cliffhangers or anything although that also happens a few times but simply due to how much fun every single episode is to watch.

The concept of the anime as a whole is extremely appealing and interesting to follow, and due to the unlimited potential of the games themselves, every episode is completely different from the last one despite following the same ideals. There's just so much charisma poured into the characters' over-the-top settings and it never fails to keep you hooked. Every single character is likable yet drastically different from one another. The girl whispered to the teen. Of course, total defeat. Facing towards the tavern, he operated it for a while before it sounded with a 'Kacha'.

After that, the middle-aged man secretly laughed. It isn't the time for you to think of the outcome of other people, right? Sorry, eh. But, looking at the hooded teen. He still showed that disinterested face he had since the start. But now a reaction came and he gave out a response. Oh, yes. You really do have bad luck, eh. Thank you After nodding with a bow, the girl started chasing after the figure of that teen.

At that time, a figure that seemed to be a friend approached the bearded man who was watching the two people stroll into the pub. Oh my God, what am I going to do about the living expenses.

But I thought it would work seeing that they are from the countryside So how? Oh yeah, which one would you choose? As a consideration, you have to treat me" "No, not that!

Moreover, my cash has already been taken away! Compared to this" "The condition bet did not only include the girl's chastity, it was also equivalent to [Betting two peoples' lives], but the case of getting a royal straight flush while looking so absent-minded? What exactly is backing up those two guys Why did that come out from you too. Deliberately using The royal straight flush could not have simply appeared that easily. Coming up with this kind of hand was tantamount to declaring openly that you were cheating.

But "Article eight of the [Ten Oaths], once cheating has been discovered in a game, it will be deemed as a defeat" The teen muttered out the rule of this world he had just remembered. Isn't receiving acknowledgement nice. But, leave this to me- this is within your brother's field of expertise. Part 3 Despite the bustling commotion due to the heated game on the central table, two people walked to the counter.

Reaching the counter, the hooded teen took out his wallet from his purse and emptied the coins out, before asking slowly.

One bed is enough. How many nights will this amount of money get us? After a moment of hesitation. One day with three meals. Ah, after trekking for five nights straight, the fatigue is enough to kill me. We are totally exhausted alreadyso could you quickly tell me, [How many nights can we stay]? With the boss sweating nervously, he sucked in his lips and replied.

Two days, then. What kind of compromise is that!!? You, fine Then a discount, five days with food attached. Should I report you? But facing against this teen who spared no pains to negotiate with him, the boss could only make an awkward and stiff expression before replying, "Little brother, you obviously have a worldly expression, but you're unexpectedly ruthless, eh I get it, four days with meals provided, how's that?

Kuuhaku [9] would do. He suddenly patted the head of his little sister, who was ecstatically watching the climax of the game on the central table. You may quickly worship your onii-sama what are you doing?

A distressed expression was exposed on that girl's face. Her askew expression made people think that that without a doubt, she did not have a hope of victory. That person will lose. So what? Maybe it was as the bearded man had said, the lineage of the royal family are stupid.

Just when this idea was emerging in Sora's mindhe realized. This world's cheating methods are truly incredible. I don't even want to meet against these kinds of opponents Nii, shameful No matter how clever a cheat is, it depends on how you apply it. There really isn't any sense of reality here, yet we both have a comfortable and relaxed feeling Is it because we've played too many games?

Really, I asked Indeed, for , failure was almost impossible. For some reasonSora turned towards Steph He thought about it in his mind for a moment before whispering softly. Oh, come on Even as he felt the girl who was mysteriously told off stare at his moving figure Sora did not utter another word and went straight towards the door of the room. Part 4 Along with the turn of the key in the lock, came a lack of sense of security when the metal hinge let out a squeaking sound before the door opened.

Inside the room it was wood that was quite similar to the kind in Skyrim , making the house look kind of cheap. The room was small, and creaking could be heard with every footstep on the floor. The table and chairs that were arranged at the corners looked very perfunctory. As for the other things, there was only a bed and window. The interior was quite simple. Walking into the room and locking the door, the both of them removed their hoods.

Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers with matted black hairSora.

No Game No Life Desu!

A mess of long white hair that covered her red eyes, a skinny girl who wore a sailor uniformShiro. Sora removed the borrowed robes that when worn, would not look conspicuous in a world like this, before revealing a relieved look and threw himself on the only bed.

Taking the phone out of his pocket he checked off the task that was planned beforehand. Un [10] , I think It was decided early on to never say these until the goal was reached. Afterwards, bursting out as he could no longer contain himself, were the complaints about the story that came out of Sora's mouth. Opening the window, she confirmed the scenery. From the window, you could barely see it the cliff onto which they fell. Humans, as long as they have the will, then it can be done.

The so-called 'mastering one skill so much until it carries into everything else' thing was true then!

No Game, No Life Vol. 1

That's not I meant Shiro's eyes were half closed. The little sister, who was staggering as if she was going to faint, fell on the bed that Sora was on. Although it didn't show on her face, the pained breath from her fatigue could be felt.

This was of course, a natural reaction. No matter how much of a genius she was, she was still an eleven year old girl. Dueling in a chess match after 5 all-nighters was enough to shock anyone with that kind of stamina. Even Sora also felt pain and shifted around although it was only halfway. For a person to also come here without complaints was truly worthy of being marveled. Because Sora had decided before not to utter out a single complaint.

How great indeed, you are your brother's prided little sister. Find a place to sleep That is when both of them were lost and wandering around shortly after being dumped in this world. Part 5 "Then, what do we do. Shakes head " Waking up and regaining a conscious state for the second time. While cursing in his heart that life was being too unreasonable, the fatigued Sora shouted to the pedestrians passing by.

After Shiro was temporarily relieved, she let out a sigh. Both of them felt weary, but they still recovered their composure despite being exhausted. Moving away from the edge of the cliff, they then slumped onto the unpaved roadside.

Nii, why come I remember it was to let someone go through some sort of Understanding the point, both of them started taking everything out of their pockets. What were taken out Were Sora and Shiro's respective smart phones, two of them. Handheld game consoles, two of them. Two multipurpose batteries. Two solar power chargers, with multiple charging outlets.

And the last thing was a tablet PC in Shiro's hand. No matter how you looked at it, it was hard to imagine lost victims with such expensive equipment. And they were all used to play games.

Because no matter where they were, be it on the toilet or in the bathroom or even during a power outage, they could always play games, so these were items that could not leave their persons.

Actually, nobody knew whether or not these items could be useful in an actual difficult crisis, they were mysterious and yet substantial pieces of equipment. Sure enough, electrical waves and the like cannot be received in the fantasy world. But, the backlight of the phone could be used as a flashlight at night, and it could also take photos. The map functionwas of course ineffective, but it could still be used as a compass.

Sora gave a heartfelt thanks to the recent high level performance developments for smartphones. Okay, Shiro, turn off the phone and tablet PC. Take advantage of the sun being up and charge the photo voltaic power generator. I downloaded an e-book about games onto that tablet and in the worst case scenario, we will just use the survival guide. Roger" Shiro obediently listened to her brother's words and turned off the equipment while using the solar charger to charge it up.

When encountering unexpected circumstances, listening to her brother's instructions was the best. Shiro knew this due to her own experience. After that, using the power of science Sora's phone , a direction to head off was determined. However, using the phone which only had a compass, their current status was like being thrown into the sea without any nautical charts, so there weren't any changes in the situation.

They were obviously holding the product of the most advanced scientific technology, yet they still got lost in the way of life and fell onto the wayside. How fantastic, my experience in RPGs really worked! Dressed in green and easy to walk in boots " Wowhoa, aren't they thieves! Getting lost on the road and their first encounter was actually with [fantasy world thieves! But what came out of the thieves' mouths was. This one sentence made the two siblings look at each other helplessly but.

Is that They couldn't resist but smile after the comparison. This could even be described as a cute scene compared to an encounter with a real thief, thus forcing both of them to break out in laughter. If you don't have a game with us, don't even think about getting past here. The siblings then communicated with each other using a quiet voice that the thieves couldn't eavesdrop on. But unfortunately for us, we are currently penniless.

Because we are still wearing conspicuous clothing due to the transfer of worlds, this is a must. And also about the game rules of this world, truthfully tell them all to me" Sora exerted his highly adaptable game brain.

He was already convinced that he would win and had even added some additional requests. Part 6 Thinking about back then, Sora whispered.

Shiro, do you remember? They had learned about the rules of this world from the thieves they were no longer recognizable now that had lost the game. Taking out his phone on which he had written the rules, Sora reread them out loud again. Ten Oaths It appears that these were the absolute rules that [God] had laid down. Although the little sister seemed to have easily memorized it, the brother had still recorded them in his phone, which were as follows: Or said in another way, 'Anyhow, it's not as if you guys are living in harmony anyways'.

Feeling the irony of the Ten Oaths, the mirthful face of that [God] surfaced in Sora's mind. Pocketing his phone, Sora said with a wry smile. Just when the thought of lying on the bed came.

His fatigue suddenly welled up, and his consciousness began to blur, even his thinking skills began to wear down. If I think about it, of course it is a natural reaction. Pulling all-nighters for five days and then the sudden onset of this event Sweeping away the bangs that were on her face revealed white skin that was like ceramic and a beautiful face that was like a work of art. Compared with the girl that had a doll-like refined appearance, saying that the both of them were siblings could be perceived as a start of a bad joke.

Although Sora covered his little sister with the blanket that smelled like dust with a bit of hesitation, he still thought it was better than nothing. Watching his Shiro's sleeping face and steady breathing, Sora suddenly became lost in thought. Then, from now on, where should I start Sora started fiddling with the phone which he had just taken out.

He wanted to try and see if there was any software that could help his predicament. This is a fantasy about being pulled into a different world, so first I should think about and look to see if there is a method to go back Parents who were no longer in this world. A sister who was not accepted by society. Himself who did not accept society. Besides, the surprise that lies beyond the screen this world. Hey, Shiro He thought about what he was going to do after the four days.

Sora was going to try and improvise but before the conclusion of his contemplations, the demon of sleep had already cut off his thoughts. Part 7 'Tok Tok! The reason why he would wake up only due to polite knocking Was because his senses had been sharpened due to coming to an unknown place.

Sora loudly commanded the urges that wanted him to go back to sleep to shut up, then quickly let his brain become active again. There was drool dribbling down her face and she was tightly grabbing onto her brother's left arm while sleeping.

With a face that was more comforting than anything else, it would have made anyone jealous of the one who got to see that dreaming expression. Probably understanding this point no, she certainly understood. Sora, who looked like he had adapted to this world, gave a wry smile to his little sister who was in a deep sleep and showed that comfortable expression.

Who is it? I have something I would like to ask you regarding the thing about today Taking out his phone, Sora confirmed the photos that were taken before. What was shown on the photo was someone with red hair and blue eyes, similar to a noble girl.

Yes, the pub downstairs was also a venue for games to elect a new king. Otherwise I can't open the door. Dragging his heavy body off of the bed, Sora stepped onto the wooden floors that creaked and proceeded to open the door. Appearing at the door was an appearance that was a far cry from the photo on the phone A [Stephanie] that looked like she had suffered a huge blow.

Ermm, okay. Sora then retrieved the chair from the corner of the room. He then sat on the chair because his little sister who was sleeping drowsily on the bed kept shifting positions. The first to open her mouth was Stephanie. What exactly happened? Ah, let me start first, because we are siblings, this is not what" " Although they did not know what the common sense was like here, a tentative explanation was still needed. I'm Sora. The years I've been without a girlfriend equals my age, and I'm currently seeking a girlfriend right now, whoa" " That doesn't really matter at all.

Un, what was that again? Speaking of which, what's the time now? I can't even see the sun coming through the windows Taking a glance at the phone, he saw that 4 hours had passed since the start of the rest They had probably been sleeping for this long. So you Now, just about everything is over! I could have won if you had exposed the truth! But she failed to realize if it cannot be proved, the person cheating wouldn't be defeated. Arghhh, now I am even eliminated from the competition for the throne!

So you lost Sora suddenly stopped speaking. An idea surfaced in his mind. Probably seeing the idea forming in her brother's mind, Shiro became silent. On the other hand, Sora, who seemed like he had changed his mind, said with a sardonic smile. Humans who always fail are taken for granted.

What did you say? But Sora disregarded her shock, and deliberately using vulgar eyes, looked up and down Stephanie's body. Just like a fantasy world Ojou-sama, she wore a fluttering dress that had lace everywhere.

Sora's eyes seemed to be licking her body, observing her voluminous figure that couldn't be hidden even if she wore a dress. Carefully selecting words that would set off the opponent Sora said. And if you are really the lineage of that foolish old king, then I suppose failing would be something natural for you. Widening her eyes, trembling while directing a burning death glare towards Sora, another furious expression emerged on Stephanie's face.

Haha, why? These kind of people concentrate too much on securing themselves that they don't even have the spare capacity to pay attention to the opponent's actions. IMHO [11] , that is simply out of the question for a gamer!

But she remained vigilant and questioned Sora about what he had just said. It's just rock, paper, scissors. Heard of it? Rock, paper, scissors. Then we will use that to determine the winner, just that" Saying that, Sora put up his fingers. As if saying it carefully for Stephanie to hear, Sora slowly continued.

I will only use paper. Of course, if I throw out anything other than paper and I draw, then I will still [Lose]. What does this guy think he's saying? Stephanie became more alert. Whether you want me to tell you the reason you lost, or the truth behind that cheat, or even if you want me to die in repayment for calling your foolish king a foolish king, it doesn't matter.

Conversely, if I win, you must accept all of my demands. Using a tone that was dirty, ugly, and cold, Sora continued speaking. But, because Stephanie's mind had calmed down, she prudently questioned. Although what we have on hand seems like it'll last us a few days I'll be straightforward, after four days of staying here, we'll have no food or place to stay. And in the long run, we are still worrying about what to do next Nothing was said.

Which means that this man was temporarily trying to scrounge a little bit. Accept, or deny? Not to mention that there is no benefit to taking an unnecessary risk if you are someone who loves a defensive war! So even if you refuse it's nothing. Despite it being such a blatant provocation Stephanie still accepted it without flinching. Okay, let's do this then Acciente!!! A word that declares full intention to God to perform a wager in absolute compliance to the [Ten Oaths] swearing to God, the absolute requirement when gambling.

In Stephanie's mind, she began thinking intensely. Only throw out paper? Unless he thinks that I would cheerfully throw out scissors. Looking at the conditions he suggested his intentions are obvious. The goal of that man is to reach a tie. This man is only trying to get food and accommodation he doesn't really understand the cheat.

This should not be the truth now. If he would lose if he doesn't use paper, then my chances of winning are Rock: He announced that he wouldn't choose anything other than paper. If I innocently sent out scissors, he would choose rock.

But if that was so, if I used paper it would be impossible for me to lose. But it would still fulfill his goals if the result was a draw. This man, definitely thinks that I won't use rock. Because, that's the only choice that I have with a possibility of losing! Treating me like an idiot! Both rock and scissors are good, my chances of winning are [2: Trying to penetrate through Sora, Stephanie stared at him with sharp eyes.

Because there was a skinny man that was troublesome or not. Calmly, the man that was confident that he would win revealed a faint smile. Seeing Sora's expression blood rushed into Stephanie's head once again, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on her. No, don't be impetuous, keep calm. Finishing those words in her head, Stephanie started brainstorming again.

Rashness, emotions and simplicity- what if he sees through all of these? Stephanie said to herself and noticed something. This, of course, was an obvious matter.

This guythis mandeclared that paper was the only exception! In addition, no matter what other method he uses, he can not [Win].

So no matter what I choose, this man only announced that he would choose [Paper] Victory would come to him if he happens to get a lucky draw and a tie would be expected that's right! The possibility of losing is the same no matter what! Are you prepared to comply to the Oaths? I have already seen through your tricks go on and put on the expression of a lost dog [12]! Ready- rock, paper Stephanie had used [Scissors]. Sora sat on the bed again, and lightly talked through the inner thought processes of Stephanie to her.

I was being read So that expression But choosing [Paper] would have made me lose The calming down process Finally, this. The reason why Stephanie lost during the day- this was the hint.

However, Sora continued. You were aiming for a draw, right? Okay, what accommodations " Stephanie who had lost casually replied- but. You're wrong, you know? How did I say it? With no place to stay, no food, how did he conceal the next words. Sorathis manhad only So the reason for his wishful thinking was to scrounge for more "Ahah" "Looks like you understand! Then please listen carefully to my [Trivial wish]" With Sora wearing a smile, 'Sha' he suddenly pointed his finger towards Stephanie.

A long silence. The first to break the awkwardness, the one who was always silent, was Shiro who watched innocently from the sidelines. Erm, Nii? Was my plan so perfect that it moved you to speechlessness?

Also considering the case of the ninth Oath because of God's power, the order couldn't be stopped by anything. Well, of course, that also includes the individual's free will! But " Isn't there a saying that 'love is blind'? If it is in absolute compliance with the Oaths, then of course she would have to completely [Dedicate herself] to me, right? Accommodation, money, even talent can be gained Shiro muttered softly.

For that After that he started accelerating his thinking process. If it was just as his little sister had said, the command of [Become my property] Everything that belongs to a property naturally belongs to its master "Ah, eh? Wouldn't that kind of way be much more favorable Shouldn't he have said that. Planning policies had always been thought out by himself since the beginning, so why would Sora, who claimed that he had the performance and strength, do that " Was it about that- if I missed this chance, I'll never get a girlfriend?!

Did the superficial sense of inferiority of not having a girlfriend cloud my judgement at the last minute!? No, im For one of the wings of to commit such a mistake Sora felt dizzy.

As if she was unhappy with something, Shiro continued to say with her cold voice. I am so sorry, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You are only 11 years old! If I did it, I would be taken away by the cops! And with your brother of age, this sort of desire is natural" Sora who was chattering all kinds of excuses.

And Shiro who was staring with cold eyes. Furthermore, "" After being requested to fall in love, Stephanie was thrown aside and had her head lowered while trembling. Just as Sora had thought, there could be absolutely no refusal to the Oaths. Which was this world's absolute law. But her cheeks were burning, and the rapid beating of her heart could not be stopped.

Because Sora had ignored her to talk to his little sister, Stephanie felt worried. Even if this was the law of this world. Because of this man. Because of this guy. She actually "felt jealous"! Intending to resist the implanted feelings, she glared at Sora but. With the largest territory, they were the third greatest superpower in the world, the 'Eastern Union'.

Although information was sketchy, they had superb physical capabilities and senses. It was rumored that they even had a sort of [sixth sense], an intuition even able to read the heart. W-what is it? I don't know why you're limiting it to girls, but--" They do--is what Steph was about to say. So what you're saying is, this country, the 'Eastern Union'--" Confirming, Sora swallowed hard. Seeing him enter 'Conquer kemonomimi kingdom- To do: Now', Steph burst out. Our own country isn't even stable yet!

But Sora would not be swayed. I will obtain both the land and the kemonomimis! It serves both my own and the national interests, so well, who are you to try and block this perfect plan!

Call a carriage right now!! His sister, holding his hand, muttered one word. They had already thought about all this before. And after they had been crowned, in the month since that day when they declared war on the world. Being reminded of why they had yet to launch an attack up to today, Sora fell silent.

However, after that outburst it was troubling. The silence was hard on Steph again. But there was no reply. Steph looked back. The two who should have been right behind her were nowhere to be found. Huh, they Part 3 De Then they had visited a caf, and now Sora and Shiros hands were full with books, donuts and tea.

Despite our plans to deal with the food shortageit seems the stockpiles really are doing badly.

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From the central avenue they had entered an open plaza, where they had brought the donuts and tea. The plaza didnt have the vibrance one would expect, however. Nor was there any mistaking the shopkeepers' expressions. With just a look, they told plenty about Elcheas current situation. Analyzing the situation, in Sora and Shiros original world, rioting and looting would have broken out by now. How was it over there, Shiro? It seemsthere really Jeez, what the hells going on.

Whats with this country? Panting, shoulders heaving, Steph still dressed like a dog screamed out. Ah, Steph. Whered you go. We were looking for you, yknow? Dont tell me you forgot!? Are you telling me that leaving me in the middle of the city while wearing a collar and dressed like a dog wasnt harassment or even teasing, you 'just forgot'!?

Steph cried with teary eyes. As if offering a supplicating prayer she clutched at Soras feet. Grant me this single wish! Let me hit you a good one just this once!! I won't ask for anything else ever again!!

W, wellShiro smelled something good and was pretty out of it for a while. There was no way I could let go, and I was sure she would be holding on to the leash, then before I knew it, you were gone Steph As Shiro gave a thumbs up and spoke with her mouth stuffed full of donut, Sora continued.

So, well, Shiro had no ill intentions either, so please forgive us. Saying please forgive us, then ordering me to sit really kills the sincerity you know!? While sitting like a dog, Steph pointed at Sora and declared.

First tell me why I lost!! If you dont, I wont be convinced!! Hmso rather than requesting to be released, you want an explanation? Stephyou actuallylike it? T-theres-- no way in hell!! Are you making fun of me!? But there wasnt a chance either Sora or Shiro would miss that moments hesitation. Whoaa, I thought something like that only happened in eroge Considering this came from the one who had forced her into it, there wasnt much left to be said.

Steph, today, was in top form. She had never once cursed the god who had forbidden all violence. Yet being pressured by that intense glare, Sora relented. Alright, alright, Ill tell youcard counting. He never ceased eating, however. Cardeh, what? Card counting. Simply put, its assigning a number to cards. For example 2- 6 is 1, 10 or higher is -1, and are 0. What do you gain by that? Seeing all of that had completely flown over her head, Sora stated bluntly. You can 'predict the next card'.

As Steph suspiciously pondered whether that was magic, Sora leisurely elaborated. By keeping track of the cards which have been dealt, one can anticipate the cards which are left, and its possible to 'mathematically predict the probability of which cards will come next'.

If you can reliably do that, you wont lose, right? It appeared the idea of using math in games was something new for Steph. She seemed to have forgotten both her loss and her being forced to sit at the moment, being simply lost in awe. As if wanting to write everything down, she took out a notepad. In the midst of doing so however, she noticed something.

W, wait a moment!! Isnt that just cheating!?

Sora refuted her point with a cool face. If playing smart is cheating, then does that make something like predicting your opponents next move in chess cheating as well? T-thats --In Soras previous world, card counting was indeed considered a form of cheating, but he decided not to mention that.

Speaking of cheating, your [deliberate shuffle tracking] would be a far more appropriate case. Y-you noticed!? Soras wry face seemed to ask if she really thought he hadnt. Its something Shiros already caught me doing countless times. Well, thanks to that it was easy for me to count as well. Sora, who had at heart truly wished to lose, spoke with a sigh. Naturally transitioning from sit to lie down, Steph flopped onto the ground. Not only had her cheating been uncovered, it had been taken advantage of as well.

According to the [Ten Oaths], simply being caught should have already resulted in her loss. Yet for her [cheating having been used to actively beat her] caused Steph, while lying down, to wet the ground with her tears.

However, something suddenly flashed through her mind. Wouldnt she have a chance of winning then? Were having another game!! Still lying on the ground, Steph looked up and shouted defiantly. It was a Youright after what happened this morning? What are you betting for? It would have to be something sufficient to make Sora accept in spite of himself.

The same as this morning, Make Sora a riajuu. Alright lets do it immediate answer. What Steph offered caused all of his compassion to scatter to the winds. Nii, game Do you think theres even a million to one chance your Onii-chan would lose to Steph!? I will make it, one in a billionno, atrillion If the siblings were together, whoever the opponent was, they could see through everything.

Shiro, will, play alsoas. If Steph carried out her challenge, it would be against the full might of "Imanitys strongest gamer. Not a problem, she thought. Ability is meaningless in a game of pure chance. If Steph, losesyoull have to Steph probablydidnt see. The true face of Imanitys strongest gamers.

Although seemingly expressionless, the clear fire which burned deep within their eyes. Fufu, I dont mind. Then lets do this, the game will be!! With a flourish, Steph pointed to the corner of the road. A guessing game on whether the next person to step past will be a man or a woman! Hearing the game, Shiro thought for a moment then answered. The game As you wish! Steph was enthusiastic, but Sora. Heaving a sigh, he looked at Steph with distant eyes. W-whywhy why whyyyyyyyyyyy!?

The result was Needless to say, it was a crushing defeat for Steph. T-this is wrong! Sora, who had never doubted their win, explained with genuine regret. Did you think that everyone was just aimlessly walking past that corner? Ive been watching the interval of people passing through while we were having tea this whole time.

By taking that trend and factoring it in with the male-female ratio Shiro calculated factoring population density, employment rate and work content, its possible to determine the male-female ratio of people purposefully passing through here. Shiro, who had memorized all of the appropriate data and made all the calculations off of them mentally, made a V sign. Seeing that V, Steph finally felt something akin to hostilitybut more importantly A-a-arent you taking this way overboard!?

Going to these absurd lengths just to guess the gender of people appearing from a corner, just how serious are these two! But for Sora and Shiro, when it came to games, that was a foolish question. If asked how far will you go. There could only be one answer[as far as it takes]. And, so Shiro, victorious, announced her request as per the bet.

Stephsunderwear, confiscate heh!? However, she had already agreed under the Oath. Hiiiw-wait, please, change the request!! Number six of the [Ten Oaths], "As per the Oath", the wager will be unconditionally adhered to.

An absolute agreementthere were none who could go against it. Steph proceeded to remove her panties, protesting all the while. Paying absolutely no heed, however, Shiro took her panties. As a result, Steph was now crouched down on all fours, nopan [6] and face completely red. The one panicking all over, however, was Sora.

Hey, m-my little sister!

Isnt this very dangerous in various ways!? Shiro isan 11year old child, soI wouldnt, know Saying so, she proceeded to wear Stephs panties on her head. Remaining expressionless, she put a finger to her lips and tilted her head. Whastop with the innocent child act, will you!? Its way too bright!!! Not to mention, the sight of that girl with panties on her head was drawing the attention of everyone passing by. As a result, Stephs panties were displayed for all the world to see Howhow terrifying.

What a terrifying childShiro!! However, Sora, feeling a sense of mercilessness from his younger sister, spoke. H, hey, for some reason, Shiro, you seem particularly severe today? Are you in a bad mood? Not, really? His asking that question, however, seemed to have put her in one.

Looking bored, Shiro responded with lidded eyes. When Steph had risen against Sora, who had commanded her to fall in love. She had requested not for the commands cancellation, but for Sora to become a citizen. Fuu Still in a bad mood, that 11 year old girl went back to reading. Yet it seemed she had been the only one who had had that on her mind. Still dressed as a dog, and now missing her underwear, was Steph. Your Stephanie has been stained.

Fufu, ufufufufufu. As Steph laughed under her breath, she turned to face Sora. All of a sudden, Steph fell to the ground again while pressing down her skirt.

As she once again watered the ground with her crying, something flashed through her mind again. Strange--there's absolutely no way a true game of pure chance doesn't exist in this world. That's right. In that last game Sora and Shiro were off once as well! A prediction is, in the end, still just a prediction. Precisely because of that unreliability, Shiro had specified it was to be 'best out of ten'.

If so!

A, a-another match, another!! Pushing the boundary any further than this would definitely turn things into something R But Steph spoke strongly. If temporary defeats like this are the price for bringing you two down, it's far too cheap!!

Is, is that so. Then with the same conditions, what's the game? You, , who won't accept a defeat In all likelihood, they simply wouldn't accept the challenge. But even that's fine. If this will allow her to close the gap between them--!

Yet contrary to Steph's expectations, Sora nodded leisurely. Same wager as before. Acciente-- yes, what? Therefore, she simply hedged her bets and conservatively guessed the middle value.

Steph looked up expectantly. However, as if he wasn't even listening, Sora spoke as he picked up a rock. With an explosive flap, the startled bird took off. Steph raised her voice in fierce protest. Isn't that cheating!? Sora, going back to his book and leaning into his chair, spoke seriously.

There is [no such thing as luck] in this world. At that far too sensible view, Steph frowned. Rules, premises, wager, physiological state, ability, timing, conditionall of these countless invisible parameters' have already decided victory or defeat before the game has even begun. There is nothing left to chance. It was nothing more than a word used for an unforeseen, unpredicted result.

For example, lets seelets say a card was drawn out of a deck. His eyes never leaving his book, Sora continued speaking fluently. Whatre the chances that the card is the Ace of Spades? Thats how it would be normally. Now however, what if you were drawing from the bottom of a new pack? The initial order of cards in a new pack is set. In other words, when you take a fresh pack without jokers, if you draw the card from the bottom of the deck you will be guaranteed an Ace of Spades.

Eh, b-but Steph tried desperately to refute him. Thats right, I hadnt told you it was a new packso you didnt know, did you? However, as if saying that was the point, Sora kept going. Thats exactly it. If youre aware, that 1. The one who doesnt know will blame bad luck, and the one who does know will walk away with the definite win. He spoke with a sigh. Do you get it? Theres always a way to win a game.

That was why you lost to me in Blackjack. Thats also the reason [Imanity has been losing until now]. And then With a sullen face, Sora declared. The reason why were being checkmated. This past month, weve been going through countless books that cover the whole country, but theres hardly anything with information on the other races. Theres not an exploit to be found.

Good grief, just what have you guys been doing Eh, uhmwhat, do you mean? Hm, did you think we were simply spending the past month in our room playing games? Most obviously, of course, right? Steph asserted without a doubt. Well, whatever, Sora muttered as he proceeded. For example, lets say we challenged the nekomimi kingdomer, the Eastern Union. Evidently he hadnt given up on that yet.

However, about all that Imanity knows about them is that werebeasts have some sort of sixth sense. Y, yessomething like being able to read the heart, or the like If they can do that then bluffs will fall flat, and bargaining would also be impossible.

Ranked dead last at 16th of the 16 races of the Exceed, Imanity had no magic powers or special abilities whatsoever. Meaning that in order to fight and win against the other races who could use paranormal abilities Without adequate intel on the enemy, we cant even begin to consider a game.

Yet in spite of thatthe information Imanity had on the other races was far too little. Naturally, since if they were found out itd be a disadvantage, the other races would be hiding their abilities. For all that however, it was still far too little. Their complaint against the books to be found in the libraries stemmed from that fact. Nothing is known of the opponents games, nor their abilities. But the other side knew perfectly well just what Imanity was capable of meaning. The playing field of those invisible parameters was completely uneven.

If they went ahead and fought without that vital information, itd end in certain defeat. For the exact same reason Steph was always completely crushed by Sora an undoubtable, definite loss.

And so, weve been completely unable to find an opening to determine our angle of attack and just been sitting around the past month. Closing his book, Sora said so. Soras cold words denounced the fruitless efforts of her grandfather.

Unable to let that go unchallenged, Steph painfully retorted. E, even so, if nothing is ever done we wont ever begin! Soras words held no emotion in particular.

Heyif we screw up [even once], [everythings over]. Yet his voice rang with a pressure equal to that which held Steph down on the ground. This is how far gone we are. Dont forget. It truly was for just one moment.

Yet in that moment Steph clearly saw, the frustration which fluttered across Soras face. Such behavior was rarely displayed, so the truth was easily looked past. Yet it was a fact now that the fate of Imanity, a full three million people, were burdened upon the shoulders of these siblings. The ones who had indirectly bested the Elves, without a doubt the greatest gamers Imanity had.

Those two had said--'checkmated'.

The meaning, the weight. Only now did Steph begin to understand the pressure the two must feel. Carrying such a heavy burden--realizing that, Steph could only draw in a breath. Sora began fiddling with his task scheduler once more. Sheesh, what to do" Being so nonchalant though, they had some tremendous nerve. Steph felt a chill A shadow fell, and turned the surrounding day to night " Why's it suddenly Even Shiro opened her lidded eyes, and took the donut from her mouth.

Looking up, the clear blue sky was no more. Instead, as if gouged straight from the earth--a huge rock was floating there. Such thoughts flitted across Sora's mind. No matter how you looked at it, it was ripped straight from a certain anime. A giant island, floating in the sky. The moment they had come to this world, as they fell through the sky, they had seen plenty of such drifting islands. So in this world, they're actually a familiar sight. Only Sora and Shiro had been surprised; everyone else was just disinterestedly walking down the road.

This world really is something else What had looked like just a bare rock, actually had fins sticking out of it. It looked--almost like a giant whale, and yet not quite.

A question sprang to mind. One of the 'second ranked' of the. Prescribing to the 'Ten Oaths' god had set down, the 16 intelligent species.

Pointing towards the sky, or rather the for now Laputa, Sora yelled. How the heck does it play games, hell how does it even communicate in the first place!? I don't get half of what you just said, but well, it's useless. So that's it? As Sora watched the Phantasma 'Avant Heim' drift away. It had disappeared from his mind due to the surprise, but. Something written in the books he had been reading before sprang up. In the former Great war they had been created by the gods to kill gods, the vanguard.

They were born for battle. After the 'Ten Oaths', their combat capability had ostensibly been sealed. Despite a lifespan bordering on eternal, and their high magic affinity, their only territory remained a soaring sky city. Because of that they did not participate in the border betting 'country gambling' but due to their thirst for knowledge in order to collect information from tribes all over the world, meaning books, they often played games on a personal individual scale.

For Imanity, whose betting pool was now limited. They were one of those who could be led out by the bait of Sora and Shiro's 'knowledge from another world'. They had been the race Sora had kept an eye out on foremost since coming to this world.

Getting those Flgel on our side would be great and all, but we don't have any way to contact them huh. Information with which they could take on all the other races--the 'Bounty of the Flgel' was beyond priceless.

Imanity in this world however possessed no flight technology.

There were no means by which to contact 'Avant Heim'. And with all said, publicly announcing the 'knowledge of another world' Sora and Shiro possessed was also no good. It was still too early to reveal that trump card Elchea--that Sora and co possessed. Hearing Sora's troubled mutters, 'Eh? However his lidded-eyed sister must be feeling the same thing. Barely able to stand, he urged her on.

T, tell us more. Five years ago, one of the Flgel came to the nation's largest library, the 'Great National Library of Elchea', and ended up winning all the books in there Rather, [who's was it to bet] in the first place!?

Betting like that would be similar to throwing away your sword and shield before a fight. To say the least, 'pure stupidity'.

No Game, No Life manga Series

Even passersby stopped in surprise, as the target of that outburst, Steph, attempted a flustered response. To Sora, those were actually not bad conditions. Yes, not bad at all. What was bad was-- "So he went ahead and lost, depriving us of basically all our knowledge!!!!!?????

Make copies of the manuscripts or anything!? T, that's, um What the HELL did the budget have to do with this!! They knew from the data that Elchea was similar in that respect. Added to that without the technology to mass produce paper, making manuscripts would have been a massive budgetary constraint-- " Steph, after we've translated some memos into your language, please give them the highest priority.

So Steph, who had a personal library collection. Was actually really well educated for these times In this world where everything was decided by games. Is humanity even trying? If we're going to face off against foreign powers, knowing six languages should be the [bare minimum]!

Therefore Sora had only really been looking for a confirmation, and Steph nodded.The reason why were being checkmated. So I got this app like 3 months ago and I still love it! If you don't have a game with us, don't even think about getting past here. Once that one has cleared that game, they will disappear from 'this' world. It had disappeared from his mind due to the surprise, but. Both species live in a nation called Oceando. What did you say?