Travel across centuries and continents in these captivating historical fiction books ! Whether 10 million readers find amazing ebook deals with us every day!. The Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative (HFAC) is an international group of authors who first teamed up in to offer readers a selection of high-quality. Historical fiction offers a great way for authors to transport readers to settings that they might recognize from history, but can then also view i.

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A Guide to the Best Historical Novels and Tales by Jonathan Nield. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook. Download Historical Fiction Books and Novels covering all periods in history. All historical books on obooko are available absolutely free of charge in 3 ebook. To Kill a Mockingbird. To Kill a Mockingbird (Series). Book 1. Harper Lee Author Sissy Spacek Narrator (). cover image of The Alice Network.


Historical fiction been around for a long time. Even the Ancient Greeks wrote stories set in the past.

The genre got really popular in Europe in the 19 th century. Written in it looks back at London and Paris during the French Revolution in the s.

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Set in early s it tells the story of two women from different backgrounds ascending social ladders, and falling from grace into poverty and other problems. Set in the historic background of the time with real events such as the Battle of Waterloo.

Another well know historical novel of the early s is Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of It was made famous by a number of blockbuster movies over the years.

Set in during the time France and Britain were fighting in America.

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Both sides used support of Native Americans to help win the fight and this book tells the story of the time giving us insight to the lives of people who lived through it. She succumbs to a life of prostitution, and her virginity is sold to a handsome English Lord.

His jaded character is tested when he meets his download and receives more than he bargained for in the price of her virginity. Available for your computer and your mobile device.

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Tin Can Serenade: A Short SThis short story is a prequel to the War Girl series. The forms of these novels range from classic realism to frontier Gothic, various Romanticisms, magical realism, and reflexive post-modernism. The next day, a flood washes through the coal camp, like a backhanded answer to her prayer. But he soon discovers that his day is about to become a lot worse…Unwilling to surrender, he escapes his captors more times than he cares to count - until the Gestapo enters the chase.

The terrain of the postmodern and historical sublime — of loss and uncertainly — is one in which historical fiction can perform an important political and ethical role. Tamil historical novels Tamil literature of South India has a long history spanning more than two millennia.

Linking them is a small girl Sophie who vanished years ago. Old Balmain House Series. There are some instances of violence, but they're brief and handled well.

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