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into the GML and game making with GM as I didn't know how to do coding for random things. I guess I read too The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Jacob Habgood and others published The Game Maker's Apprentice. Source code for 'The Game Maker's Apprentice' by Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars - Apress/game-makers-apprentice.

It came with a game development system called The Quill, which allowed anyone to create their own text-based adventure games. It may have been incredibly crude, but it suddenly put at my fingertips the thrill of entertaining my nearest and dearest by devising interactive challenges of my own. Unfortunately, I knew little about game design, and rather than easing my players into a new and alien world, I treated them as opponents that had to be defeated before they could reach the end.

Their spirits crushed, they left, never to return It took me years of playing a variety of good and bad games to eventually learn how to treat the player to the game-playing experience that their investment of time and money deserved. It took just hours of reading this book to wish I d had its invaluable guidelines and the accompanying Game Maker tool to help me take my own first steps into game development all those years ago.

Two decades later, I now work for Real Time Worlds as the producer of Crackdown, an imminent Xbox title developed exclusively for Microsoft.

Crackdown is the result of over three years of development from a team that s now nearly 70 strong in Dundee Scotland , with many more contributors across North America and Eastern Europe.

This game has cost millions of pounds to create, and already consists of over two and half million lines of programming code! Blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into this title to provide cutting-edge graphics technology, stunning art assets, and dramatic surround sound. We ve spent days and nights wrestling with new technologies to provide the player with a playground and toy set that was previously only the stuff of dreams. Nonetheless, once you strip away the gloss, Crackdown boils down to a handful of gameplay linchpins, or what we term the pillars of play.

Take it from me that when charged with building such a grand gaming monument, it is vitally important to have absolute faith in the basic foundations! I was therefore very pleased to see that this book encourages you to identify these pillars or game mechanics and discover how a system of simple rules can combine in unique and compelling ways to create a spellbinding experience.

As you progress through the book you ll build a series of excellent games that you might never have even dreamed you could be capable of creating right now. The instructions are clear and concise, but also encourage you to experiment with your own designs.

For example, your version of the captivating and original Koalabr8 game Chapter 7 will almost certainly be a unique piece of software. The crazy devices you invent, and the way you lay out your levels, will certainly differ from mine.

Watch out for Lazarus too Chapter 4 it may interest you to know that this eponymous hero first appeared in Jacob s student portfolio, and was partly responsible for securing his first programming job in the industry! As well as being a professor of computing, and the creator of Game Maker, Mark first cut his game-programming teeth creating versions of games like Super Breakout for the Atari ST.

Jacob has a string of titles to his name, and his in-depth knowledge of the craft consistently yields outstanding results. Never more so was this the case than when I had the pleasure of working with him on the team that created the PlayStation hit Hogs of War also mentioned in this book.

Where Jacob differs from his peers is in his mastery of all four of the fundamental game development disciplines: programming, sound, art, and, of course, design.

Review: The Game Maker’s Apprentice

Now, thanks to Mark s Game Maker software, you can find out what it feels like in their world! One of the key messages I hope you ll take away from this book is that there s a world of difference between having a great idea for a game and being a great game designer. The initial idea is simply the seed from which the game grows, or the stone from which the pillars are hewn.

The role of a designer is to fully realize the vision: conceiving and continually refining the various supporting mechanisms to make them mesh like the components of a Swiss timepiece. As is repeatedly stated in these pages, there is no correct solution to game design only a great idea, well executed and injected with personal flair and enthusiasm.

Even if you re struggling to pin down that idea right now, I m sure you will have wrestled it onto the screen and into the hands of friends and family before finishing the final chapter of The Game Maker s Apprentice. Good luck! He wanted to be a psychologist when he grew up, but somehow he ended up with a computer science degree and went into the games industry instead.

Table of contents

Jacob is now a doctoral student at the University of Nottingham, researching the educational potential of computer games. As part of this research, Jacob runs clubs and workshops teaching children and teenagers how to make their own computer games and provides free teaching resources through his website: gamelearning.

All being well, this work will soon earn him a Ph. There he heads the research center for Advanced Gaming and Simulation in which researchers from different disciplines collaborate on all aspects of gaming and simulation. One of Mark s prime research domains is computer games. He is also one of the founders of the Utrecht Platform for Game Education and Research a collaboration of different game-related educational programs in the Netherlands.

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For many years he has taught courses on computer game design at Utrecht University, and has given lectures on game design to many types of people high school kids, teachers, researchers, and politicians. Mark is the author of a number of popular software packages, in particular, the Game Maker software package used as the development tool in this book.

He grew up fairly certain that he would become a novelist or possibly a rock star, but eventually came to a number of important realizations: 1. He s probably never going to be a rock star. Game programming is quite cool, though. Badgers are just really big weasels the exchange rate is approximately 20 weasels to the badger if you re interested.

Any attempts to construct a serious calculus of the family Mustelidae are probably best kept to yourself people think you re strange see above.

Readers will learn how to develop computer games using Game Maker. They will learn how to navigate and configure Game Makers Integrated Development Environment IDE and to master its drag-and-drop approach to game development.

The last third of the book focuses on GML scripting. Summary of the games made in the book Do you think that Game Maker is a good starting place for those wanting to go on to more advanced programming?

The Game Maker's Apprentice

Absolutely, by starting with its drag-and-drop development approach new programmers can quickly master basic programming concepts and when they are ready they can make their leap to GML. Last year you released Scratch Programming for Teens. How does Scratch compare to Game Maker? Scratch is a good programming language for children just getting started programming.

It lets you create computer programs using drag-and-drop Lego style bricks, where different types of logic blocks snap together and can be configured. However, Scratch does not have any where near the depth of features that Game Maker has. Nor does Scratch support scripting. So you are limited as to what you can do with it.

Scratch is a good place for beginners to get started but after a while, most people will outgrow it. Game Maker and its large library of functions, on the other hand, are well suited to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced game developers. You must have seen the other books written about Game Maker.


How is yours different? It is a good book though sometimes I felt that the book made too many assumptions about the things the reader should know.Steve Anglin. I wanted something easy to use, but also expandable to more complex development.

I wanted something that would quickly get me into the software and have completed examples to refer from. In downloading this book, the authors and publisher grant you permission to use the electronic resources from the accompanying CD for commercial or noncommercial use in your own games made with Game Maker. Easy to read, plenty of pictures, and all the examples work perfectly.

Keir Thomas.